Howard MadDonald Jr Product Photography

                            Our Story

Our founder and photographer / retoucher, Howard MacDonald Jr launched in 2011 after five years off running his own commercial photography business.

The need for high quality product images became so apparent that Howard decided to take his passion for photography in a different direction. Since then, Howard had helped brands upgrade their product images.

What started as small photograph studio in Howard’s living room has blossomed into a growing state of the art studio.





*Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

                                                                          If you’re not happy with the photos or videos upon receiving them, we will refund you your project investment 100%.

                                                                                                       Let us know within 7 days of receiving the final edits and you get your money back. 

                                                                                                       We then revoke your license to use the photos as they are not to your satisfaction.