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Howard MadDonald Jr Product Photography

Howard MacDonald Jr Commercial Product Photography

Turning Businesses into Brands through Professional Photography and Brand Imagery

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Turning Businesses into Brands through Professional Photography and Brand Imagery

 Not sure how your products will stack up online compared to other brands? How you showcase your products and offerings online will directly impact your sales and revenue.

Reinforce and boost your brand awareness and loyalty and make it irresistible with top-quality photographs that highlight and sell the benefits of your products. At Howard MacDonald Jr Photography, we make sure that your product looks its best in every environment.

I know you have worked hard to develop and source your products. Your products deserve the best visual representation on your Amazon listings, e-commerce website, or any other online marketplace. Partner with me to build loyal brand fans and followers through great photography that helps customers feel closer and more connected to your products, boosting your conversion rate and meeting higher sales goals.

We leverage photography techniques to highlight all the right aspects of your products and capture the customer’s focus. Work with Howard MacDonald Jr, a become part of a family of smart, savvy, and confident business owners who are reaching and exceeding their sales goals. Help your online customers take a “digital zoom” on your products with our top-notch product photography services.

We will handle the product photography for your Amazon listings, online store, and marketing materials, so you that can concentrate on running your business. We also specialize in product photography for BigCommerce, Shopify, marketing materials, and more.


Go through some of these before-and-after examples of our work, and feel free to call us or contact us for better business and product photography. Try us and find out why leading brands trust us with their products.

Attract Attention and Boost Sales with Professional and Captivating Images of Your Food and Beverage Products

 Food and beverage photography uses aesthetic and vibrant images of food and drinks that are simply irresistible to your customers. Our unmatched attention to detail ensures that if you’ve multiple products in the same style, they will all be uniform and consistent with identical angles, reflections, and lighting, maintaining consistency and uniformity across the range.

We are experts in paying attention to the minor details that make images pop and be truly eye-catching and appealing to consumers.


About me

Howard MacDonald Jr is an NC-based commercial photographer specializing in products. He is known for his digital photography skills. He has been passionate about photography since his high school days. During his childhood, Howard wanted to make movies. As a result, during his teenage years, he tried his hand at acting. However, Howard was more mesmerized and interested in the filmmaking process.

To fund his dream, Howard worked many odd jobs. He stumbled onto photography and fell in love with this art. At the age of 29, Howard took the jump from amateur to professional photographer and hasn’t looked back. He upholds the highest quality standard and delivers only the best. He is known for his quirky and playful ideas, and his positive approach to creating art is inspiring and magnetic.

Howard now works tirelessly to find new and better ways to make images pop and stand out through photography/lighting/ Photoshop.

Stop struggling with creating and maintaining your product imagery and photography. Book a call and see how our strategy can help you succeed.


                                                                                                                Whether you need 10 photos or 600, all of this is included:

Sharp, Vibrant Images

True Colors

Choose Your Background

Editing & Retouching

Ready in 10 Days

Royalty Free Licenses

Our Specialities

Are You Looking for Ideas? Want to Get Started?

Set up a free onboarding call, and I will help set you on the right track to getting the photographs you need to stand out and increase sales.

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Howard MacDonald Jr Photography BBB accredited business profile
Howard MacDonald Jr Photography BBB accredited business profile

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