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Providing brands with appealing visuals.

Howard MacDonald Jr Photography Studio is a full-service commercial brand content partner. We deliver unique and quality product photography, guaranteed to drive sales and bring about significant business growth.

Creating appealing content for your brand is an effective form of marketing, and that is what we do. At Howard MacDonald Jr Photography Studio, we provide food and beverage brands, with appealing product photographs and videos that are sure to attract their target audience.

Size is never a problem for us because we can take on shoots of all sizes, and at interesting locations.

Our photography studio is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The location is easy to access, it is in proximity to downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, and its international airport. The best part about our location is the fact that different photo-ready locations can be accessed with ease.

All our projects are handled by experts, committed to providing brands with the perfect product photography.

Partnering with us, are some of the most innovative and talented creatives responsible for creating our motion and video assets.

We have all it takes to make your brand come to life through creating high-quality food, lifestyle, and product photography.

Our team of expert retouchers ensures that each image is meticulously edited to enhance its visual appeal further. From color correction to background removal, we take care of all the necessary post-processing steps to deliver stunning final results.

Contact us today to discuss how our professional product photography services can help elevate your brand’s visual presence and drive sales like never before. Let us capture the essence of your products, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.



Let us be your experts! We have a professional studio and experienced photographers to help you create the desired  photography | videography of your brand.