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Do not post unprofessional photos of your brand and products on social media.
Before technology evolved and gave us the gift of social media and other online platforms,
business Ads were either were mostly posted on billboards or flyers. You had to spend
money to reach out to your target audience.
A lot of things were taken into consideration before allowing the public to see pictures of
products, Only the best photos of products were posted on flyers. After all this stress, the
Ads were limited to just the people within the location of the brand.
Now, we do not go through half the stress it used to take to do Ads in the past, with one
post about your brand on social media, you can reach out to people across the globe.
Could this be the reason for your lackadaisical attitude towards ensuring that your brand is
well-represented in the public eye?
Taking random pictures of your products and posting them on social media for the world to
see, is so unprofessional. If you can’t put much thought into producing the best photographs
of your products for your target audience, what then is the point of the Ad?

Five things to consider before posting photos of your brand on social

1. Set a goal: Before posting a photograph of your brand on social media you need to
first consider your expected outcome. What you would like to achieve from the post.
2. Make the post a big deal: Do not just post a random picture of your brand on social
media. Ensure that you post only the best pictures of your brand.
3. Know what appeals to your target audience: Every product has a targeted audience.
Find out what appeals to your target audience, and create appealing visuals of your
4. Do a photoshoot of your products: As I mentioned earlier, make it a big deal.
Create outstanding and unique photographs of your products.

5. Employ the help of a professional photographer: Howard MacDonald Jr
Photography Studio produces magnificent photographs created to reach its widest
possible audience. Every brand needs to be represented professionally on social
media, to pass the right message to its audience.

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